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It was in the spring of 2015 that I first discovered needle felting in a handicraft shop.At that moment I felt like making cats out of felted wool, because I lived with my deeply-beloved three ex-stray cats.

At first, I made full body mascots of cat, but I found myself feeling not so interested in making other parts than faces.

And then I started making cat busts like a portrait in a frame, without posing.


"Wakuneco", that means "Frame Cats".

I made general typed cats such as so-called "white", "black-mask", "tabby" ,etc.....and so on when I started needle felting, however, I gradually came to think that I wanted to make individual cats who had their own names.

Making felted cats was just a hobby to me first, but by posting my work on SNS I thankfully started receiving requests from many people for their cats.

Finally I started taking custom orders in August, 2016.


Before I started needle felting I had worked on advertising illustration.  I also made many portrait paintings for practice that is expressed in mywork.

It is the style of portraits using frames and easels. 

My needle felted cats may be just ornament.

However, I believe making that one especially for someone and his/her beloved cat can make it more than ornament and even a priceless and irreplaceable treasure.

Making needle felted portraits of deeply-beloved cats, this is a grest pleasure and happiness for me.


 © 2015  Wakuneco. 

​わくねこ 羊毛フェルト wakuneco frame cat portrait ホームページ 価格 猫 オーダー HP web​

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