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Wakuneco Model Entry


This entry is subject to residents of Japan.

If not, please wait for the next entry.

Wakuneco Model Entry 
Thank you for your interest in my work.For three days from March 28, 2020, there is a model cat entry for my work.

This time, I go to see the owner directly.For this reason, it is limited to those who live in Japan.

Sorry for those who were looking forward to the entry.

In the future, I want to ship my work to people overseas.The next entry is not limited to Japan.

Please wait for the next entry. I look forward to your entry.



Please be warned!

There is a scam that pretends to be me.Do not pay money. I want everyone to know, I will NEVER ask for model cats without notification on my social media sites. You will see my latest projects and activities on my homepage. Whatever else you find on other sites are fake information. Please be careful with such sites and information!

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