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How can I make an order?

I have no reservations about the work I create.

Order entries for 2023 are now closed.

When I call for cat models, I announce it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please follow me.

Instagram: @wakuneco

Facebook : @wakuneco.felt

How much is it?

It takes a huge amount of time to create one of my works. I can only make 3 works in a year. 

If the time to create is reflected in the price as it is, the cost will have to be huge.
However, if I set a high price, the number of applicants will decrease. 
I want to reach out to people in a price-agnostic way.
But making it low price afflicts me. Balance is important. 
Therefore, I chose the style of having the applicant set the desired price at his discretion.
The price of my final auction was 330,000 yen. 
But I'm not sticking to that price. You decide the price.

Do you make dogs?

For now, only cats.

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Media and Business only

I have received so many enquiries, I'm unable to respond to individual ones. Please check the FAQ.

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Thank you.

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